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Re: debian changes

rshutt@ravenet.com wrote:
> Hello, I was just wondering.  Apparently a LOT of packages have been 
> upgraded on the debian ftp site since I first installed the "unstable" 
> dist.  However, I dont recieve mail about these changes.

You should get dftp, which is probably the single most useful tool on
my system (next to dpkg).  It's written in csh, and it's a little
crufty, but it is exactly the right tool for the job.  Once you have a
system installed, you really don't need dselect at all, just dftp.

You tell dftp where to find the debian development tree, and it ftp's the
Packages file and compares it against your system, then pops up an editor
with a list of packages with their descriptions, listing upgraded
packages in one section, new packages in another section, and 
ignored/not upgraded packages in a third.  You just comment/uncomment a 
few lines, and then dftp ftps and optionally installs all the packages 
you requested. 

With about 15 minutes of work once a week, my system stays up to date 
with the current development tree. 

Bill Gribble

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