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libX11 and libt

 i think this question has been answered before, but let me ask just to 
make sure.

 I just installed the xview32l5 package into debian0.93R6. the desc of 
this package was that it was ported over using kernel 0.99p12 and xfree3.1.2.
These are just binaries. 
I went ahead and installed it, which went without a hitch. when i run openwin
though, i get the following errors:

---begin quote-----
/usr/openwin/bin/xcenter: can't load library '/lib/libX11.so.3'
        No such library.
shelltool: can't load library '//libX11.so.3'
        No such library.
cmdtool: can't load library '//libX11.so.3'
        No such library.
/usr/openwin/bin/olwm: can't load library '//libXt.so.3'
        No such library.

waiting for X server to shut down
---end quote---

So i look in /lib and cannot find these. i figure it is an X library, so
in /usr/X11/lib these exists:


ok, some pointers please.....i believe the .sa files don't have to do 
anything with this problems, only the .so files. now what is the difference
between libX11.so.3 and libX11.so.6, likewise for libXt??

correct me if i am wrong, but this is not an elf binary, is it?? are 
these libraries elf?? my assumption that this is a .99p12 kernel release 
would tell me it is an a.out binary.

the same package does have the source code in it, so i could recompile.
(i probably will recompile, but would like a little info on the above 

oh, and if i do get this working, is anyone interested in having this as 
a debian package?? just axing  ;)


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