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Re: svgalib (restorefont) permissions

On Thu, 14 Mar 1996 eichin@cygnus.com wrote:

[snip - rjk's already dealt with this]
> Presumably (I could be wrong) the intent is to either only let users
> who are permitted to muck with the console to run it; a more clever
> approach would be for login to know which tty's are actually
> physically on the console, and have it add that group to your
> grouplist for the session [of course, that would permit you to create
> a setgid file that permitted you to get the access back anytime you
> wanted it, so the former is more likely.]

IIRC, something similar (in the form of a `console daemon', I think)
is implemented on some systems; any user logging in on the console is
given membership of the appropriate groups (which might be console,
audio, cdrom &c.) for the duration of hir login.

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