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Re: linux netscape problem

>>>>> "E" == Eternal  <mtoleric@vt.edu> writes:

Netscape expects the moz file to be in one of a particular set of
places.  You can find out where by downloading the netscape package,
untarring it, and looking at the readme.  I can't recall the
acceptable locations off the top of my head.  If you're using the
Debian netscape package, and it didn't put moz in one of the expected
locations, then you should probably report it a bug.

E> I have looked in the netscape directory and there is a file called
E> moz2_0.zip and I have unziped the file which created a directory
E> called java with a whole bunch of files.  Can anybody help??

You don't need to unzip this file.  Netscape claims to be able to use
it even though it's zipped.


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