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Re: Color-ls package

On 16 Mar 1996, Raul Miller wrote:

> I think this has been pretty well thrashed out, but I just want to
> remind you of a couple issues:

Well, there are issues that I wasn't aware of such as taking a long time 
in certain instances because of the stat, but that seems more like a 
consequence of color ls having to determine the type of the file so it 
knows how to colorize it, rather than a bug. I do understand that this 
can be a problem for some, though. After somebody mentioned the bit about 
the sockets and directories and such, I realize I wasn't thinking when I 
said I thought it based it on the name only. I was thinking of the way it 
determines compressed files and such by extensions. 

> (1) programs that run ls under a pty (e.g. wish scripts using expect)
> can easily be confused by these sorts enhancements that change
> behavior.

Although there are problems some people might have, is this really one of 
them? The default behaviour of color ls is to only colorize when it's 
running on a tty. If it's redirecting the output somewhere else or 
running on something other than a true tty it does not colorize unless 

Given these issues, I think I'm in agreeance now that for now we ought 
not to completely replace ls in the debian distribution entirely, but for 
myself I don't have problems with any of these, and I'm going to leave it 
as it is, with color ls as my ls.


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