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Re: cron goes berserk

At 05:46 PM 3/13/96 -0300, you wrote:
>Same problem here... Every weekend a lot of '/USR/SBIN/CRON' 
>(capital) processes go out of control and bring the machine to 
>an useless state. To reboot it is necessary to press C-A-D many 
>Cron being used is the 0.93R6's stock one (3.0-pl1-21) and the 
>crontables were not changed...
>Any help would be greatly appreciated (it's not fun to wake up
>on Sundays early in the morning to restart the thing... )-:
>System: 486 DX4/100, 16M, IDE, NE2000

The same problem here too unfortunately.  I have 3 Debian boxes a
486dx25/8meg/250meg ide, 486dx4-100/32meg/2gig scsi and another dx4/100 (pci
one) with 16meg and another 2.1gig hard drive.

It'll only happen on the pci 4-100 - the other two seem fine.  The load
average get over 100 and before I reboot I see *many* cron process - we're
talking 300ish here - oh and also a lot of atrun processes.

I looked at the /etc/cron.weekly/* and could find anything out of the
ordinary (well hey, the other two dont do it) and basically all 3 machines
were installed with debian on the same day.

I noticed a few "swap errors" at the time - could this be the the problem?


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