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Re: Install trouble

Dale Scheetz wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Mar 1996, Tracy Sweat wrote:
> > Come ye, gather round, and listen to my tale of woe.
> >


> > Now, unfortunately, after I install the base disks and go to configure,
> > I get a box telling me I need to mount the file system or install
> > the base disks.  This happened twice.  So I figured wiping the
> Did you mount the new file system? There is a menu item for this task.
> You must mount the file system before you can configure it (you don't
> need to wipe and reinstall). This has caused me some double takes when
> making a boot disk.
> Luck,
> Dwarf

I had the new file system mounted when these errors occurred.  I always
go through the menu sequentially.  It's possible that I missed mounting
a time or two, but the last time this happened I went back to the
mount option and the file system was shown mounted.  Then I went
back to the configure option and it still told me I needed to mount
the file system or install the base system.  Both of which I'd 
definitely already done.

Take care,


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