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Re: New Hard-drive problem

On Tue, 5 Mar 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Secondary mode? Does this mean that you have two IDE controllers, or that
> you have installed the drive as "slave" to the first drive. If there are two
> controller cards, deactivate the floppy controller on one of them.

The new "smart" controler has no io functions or ports. My original ide
card is there for that purpose.  I have only one harddrive The harddrive
and the floppy are connected to the new GSI model 21 EIDE board.  The cmos
is set to nothing; no hardrives, no floppys. (thats the way it works)
> My second guess would be that you knocked the cable halfway off of the floppy
> while installing the hard drive.

Both floppy drives are recognised by dos.  The worst that can happen is I
have to reconfigure the drives.  I thought there might be a linux solution
I don't know about

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