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Re: xconsole messages

> 1. You'll hit the filesystem less.  Since you don't have a '-' before
> the file, syslogd does a sync after every write.  If you do put the '-'
> in, you won't see the messages till the next time those buffers get
> flushed; that kind of takes away the whole point of running xconsole.

/dev/console is a char device, there will be no disk io at all.

/dev/console is the right place to put console messages to. Unfortunately it
is not possible to get rid of messages to the foreground console if u dont
use X. It's easy to change this in the kernel, that u can redirect console
messages to /dev/tty8 or xconsole, depending if X is running or not. If you
run X-only systems /dev/console is OK. You dont have the 'not listening and
not logging' problem with a special file.

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