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Re: cross compilation,assembly

> Ian Jackson:
> It would be nice, but it can't be done.  Our packages don't
> cross-compile - well, some do, but we don't require them to and
> can't do so because the upstream package may well not support it.

From: Raul Miller <rdm@tad.micro.umn.edu>
> I disagree.  It could be done, though not for all packages.  [I can
> see packages with architecture independent files, packages with
> architecture specific files that can be built for all architectures,
> and packages with files which have architecture specific semantics.
> The latter case would have to be addressed by someone who knows what
> they're doing.]
> Also, it would be interesting developing useful (and concise)
> installation tools for such an environment.

No cross-compilers have been uploaded. It would be nice if in the future
each Debian architecture group would maintain cross-compilers for the
different architectures to their own architecture. The header stuff
is somewhat problematic but not too bad.

I would encourage package maintainers to build their packages with
all available cross-compilers, once they are available. We could establish
testers for each architecture who would verify that packages worked properly
on their own platforms.

I think we could do this.

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