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Re: PCMCIA Card Services

David wrote:
>Last I checked, there was not a Debian package to support pcmcia.  If I have
>time one of these days, I might just do it, but don't let that stop someone
>else from getting to it first.
>For now, get pcmcia-cs-2.7.6 (from sunsite?) read the instructions, compile
>it and use it.  I didn't have any problems, and I use it on two laptops.

The last pcmcia-package (David Hinds not debian) is 2.8.8.
I use 2.8.7.

The pcmcia-page is at: http://hyper.stanford.edu/~dhinds/pcmcia/pcmcia.html

	I have to compile the kernel and the pcmcia-package to get it running.
	Can you generate a debian-package that does all this ?


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