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Ctrl-Alt-Del problem, late 1.3 kernels


What a tremendous amount of responses!

[Klippa, klapp, kluppit]

> Anyway, this particular Init problem isn't bothering me on my 1.1 system
> with 1.3 kernel - it may really be solved.
> 	Bruce

[Klippa, klapp, kluppit]

Do I understand you correctly in that you have tried to reproduce this on a 
1.3 system, but you couldn't? 

If so did you try both variants?
Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del continously for perhaps five or ten seconds?
Holding down Ctrl-Alt while quickly hitting Del repetadly several times?

Is there anybody with a late 1.3 kernel that can reproduce this?

N. B. I don't use a 1.3 kernel, but I just wondering to see if there is any 
reason for me to dig deeper regarding this problem. If it's ok in 1.3 kernel
I won't bother.

Dr. Spock,


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