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fuser & pppd disk hits

Hello Everyone,

After a couple of months of lurking on the list I finally setup 0.93
on my AMD DX4120 w/ 8 MB at home. It's great!

Some questions:

When I use pppd (usually launched by diald), I seem to get almost constant 
disk hits for each keystroke in a telnet session. Is there a way to make
this better? (Ummm, besides more SIMMS, I want 'em but it'll be a coupla 

fuser doesn't seem to work for me at all. If I use fuser /dev/ttyS1
during a PPP connection (and the modem is on that port) shouldn't I
get something returned? It didn't work for the file open by syslogd

Thanks - this is a great project!
Don Gaffney (http://www.emba.uvm.edu/~gaffney)
Engineering, Mathematics & Business Administration Computer Facility
University of Vermont - 237 Votey Building - Burlington, VT  05405
(802) 656-8490 - Fax: (802) 656-8802

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