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Re: linux netscape problem

> Every time I try to entire a document that uses java I get the error,
> Unable to start java applet:  Can't find "moz2_0.zip" in your CLASSPATH.
> Read the release notes and install "moz2_0.zip" properly before 
> restarting.
> Current value of CLASSPATH:
> (null)
> I have looked in the netscape directory and there is a file called 
> moz2_0.zip and I have unziped the file which created a directory called 
> java with a whole bunch of files.  Can anybody help??  Thanks,
> 	Mark

a few ppl pointed out that you shouldn't unzip moz2_0.zip. put it in 
/usr/local/lib/netscape dir. that's what i'm doing and it works flawlessly.
also, another thing that's a potential gotcha is that netscape for unix
crashes if you are doing 16 bit color depth and the page it's trying to
see has a java stream in it.  make sure you are running either 8 or 24/32
bit x server.

good luck

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