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Re: Color-ls package

  Syrus> However, do you want me to leave the dir and vdir binaries
  Syrus> untouched?

Hm, hadn't thought about that one. 

And as Bernd is supposedly right, then why do we have three distinct binaries
/bin/{ls,dir,vdir} instead of one with two more links. Maybe this is a bug in
our fileutils package?

  Syrus> Yes thankyou, and he intends to do just that in the 1.1 release.
  Syrus> The present version of color-ls patched fileutils is not
  Syrus> inefficient, and the default uses no color unless you run dircolors.

I know, I patched mine on my MCC system long before I turn to Debian and kept
the two binaries.

  Syrus> Is it such a big deal to upgrade the whole fileutils?  It's not a
  Syrus> big binary.

I would be in favour of a new, color-ls patched, fileutils package now ---
but not a second one, alternative to the unpatched one.  Why do we have to
wait for 1.1?

Dirk Eddelb"uttel                              http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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