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Re: Newbie needs help

   I've installed and used Slackware and Red Hat and I am interesting in 
   testing out Debian as well.  I have the Infomagic "Developer's Resource" 
   CD set, which purports to have Debian, but I cannot seem to find any 
   instructions on how to make the boot/root disks, etc.

You should get it from ftp.debian.org, or one mirror I know of is 
sun10.sep.bnl.gov in /pub/Linux/debian.
If you installed slackware you should be familiar with that rawrite.exe file.
You do the same thing for debian, but there is a boot, root, and base 1, 2, and
3 disks (5 disks total).  They're in there somewhere...
Hope this helps.

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