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New Hard-drive problem

I just installed a Western Digital 1080 mg drive.  I am using a GSI model
21 Eide controler.(in secondary mode) I have set a 425mg partion for Dos. 
The rest is for debian.  I am having trouble installing.  My 3.5 is drive
b:  This is usually not a problem because you can specify a path to root
at the boot promtp.  I did that.  (at the moment I forget the exact
syntax, but I copy it from the f3 menu, and have done it before.  So I am
pretty confident that I did it correctly) I am getting the follow error
message when  install tries to access the root floppy. 

Floppy 1: Perpendicular mode not supported by this FDC

I assume this means that the Floppy drive controler does not support 
perpendicular mode.    I don't know what perpendicular mode is.  Is there 
a way around this, or do I Have to reconfigure my drives. Thank you

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