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RE: Tin and global mailing

On Wednesday, 06 March, 1996 18:18, Mikiel Mifsud[SMTP:kaneda@electric.rain.aic.net.au] wrote:
> every time i post stuff using tin, it only posts to the local feed (that 
> is, only my ISP) ... is that a problem with tin or a problem with the ISP 
> ...? .. i thought i would ask before blowing them up:)

Generally if the message is appearing on their news server, but not
getting any further then it is their problem.  tin's job is
to get the message to their machine.

Before you go in boots and all though try posting a message to the
newsgroup misc.test.  If you message is getting out you will receive
a reply from autoresponders from around the globe, expect about 20
or so replys.  If this fails then you know your message really isn't 
getting out.

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