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Re: Debian and ISDN

On Fri, 15 Mar 1996, Richard Kettlewell wrote:
> The latest kernels have a pile of ISDN drivers but I've no idea how
> stable those drivers are.
The ICN and Teles-S0.16 drivers are quite stable although threre are 
still bugs showing up especially when you use your ISDN line for other 
things at the same time.

More important however, these drivers are useless for people outside 
Europe because they support only EDSS1 (the "European" ISDN protocol) and 
1TR6, the older national standard of the German Telekom.

In the US there are at least 3 different ISDN-protocols in use and I 
can't even remember the names. Because ISDN isn't in as widespread use in 
the US as it is here in Europe and esp. in Germany, noone has bothered 
yet to add these protocols to the drivers.

> brand@nando.net writes:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I am looking to hook my PC, running Debian, up to ISDN.  I noticed
> >that there are about 10 or so internal ISDN boards, and I don't know
> >which to choose.  My questions is, are there drivers for any of these
> >boards, or must I go to an external ISDN modem?
That'd be the way to go for you. But remember to get one supporting the 
ISDN-protocol in use at your home site and the protocol your provider 
uses. (When I speak of ISDN-protocol I refer to D-channel protocol. This 
is different from the actual protocol uses on the data lines to actually 
make use of an established connection and finally provide IP-traffic over 

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