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Re: (fwd) xconsole (?)

On Mon, 18 Mar 1996, Bill Hogan wrote:

>   BH> ... if before I crank up X I (as gonzo) do
>   BH> [gonzo]:~ echo barf > /dev/console
>   BH> I get
>   BH> barf
>   BH> but if I do the same thing in `xterm' I get zilch unless I do a `su'.

Sending text to /dev/console sends it to the currently active virtual 
console. xterms are using ptys; these are not virtual consoles.

While you are in X, anything sent to /dev/console will go to the virtual 
console 'covered' by the X server.

>     So, `echo barf > /dev/console' is going to tty7 but is not showing
> up in the xterm window from which the `echo' command was issued?
>     Shouldn't it?

It shouldn't.

>     I wonder if this might have something to do with my other on-going
> X-related question, namely, that long after `gonzo' has quit X, when
> he does `who' he still sees this:
> bedlam:[*gonzo*]~/stage $ who
> bhogan   tty2     Mar 17 20:09
> gonzo    tty3     Mar 18 03:53
> root     tty6     Mar 17 20:08
> gonzo    ttyp1    Mar 18 03:54 (:0.0)

This is a utmp-related problem. Things that work for some people seem not 
to work for others. I assume (from your other post about /dev/:0) that 
you are still using the version of the X packages that was included in 
Debian-0.93R6? The problem may well have been fixed in the new version, 
but it's ELF and you might not want to install it.

Steve Early

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