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Re: Matrox Millenium + X

>From: Mike Patterson <mike@col.hp.com>
>> Then I realized that there isn't an X server for VESA compatible cards. 
>> Does anyone know why this is? 
>I think it's because the VESA VGA BIOS is a 16-bit program. It's a pain
>to interface to that from a 32-bit program, and would probably not be
>very fast.

If I were on the XFree team, I'd go ahead and do it anyway. It looks like 
there are going to be a lot of obscure cards in the near future, and their
only common link would be VESA. Having this capability would at least make
their cards usable (permanently if an NDA is involved, temporarily if they
are working on the driver). 

But I guess I'm not the one who makes these decisions ;)


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