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Re: Color-ls package


>     In Unix, `ls' is a system component upon the definition of which
> countless other system components -- procedures, programs, and scripts
> of various kinds -- depend, and I think that is why the idea of
> replacing the standard Unix `ls' with something else continues to meet
> with negative enthusiasm.

Have you ever called "ls --help"? I dont think there is much left from the
Old Version X "ls".

>     Better, I think, to let `ls' be `ls' and let your "colorized ls"
> be something entirely separate.

I don't see the reason for 2 Programs which one beeing the superset of
another. Color-ls is inteligent enough to be completely backward compatible.
And one can easyly unconfigure colors. (Its the same thing with the -F
option, you dont want to tell me that you want to get removed that, also?)

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