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Re: Interfaces

Bruce Perens wrote:
> There is something called "IP masquerading" in the recent 1.3.x kernels.
> You will have to build a custom kernel and configure it in. I don't know
> how to set it up.

No, I believe that Leszek was looking for Proxy ARP. IP masquerading is used
when you want a firewall machine to act as a gateway for an entire network
without the external Internet knowing about that network. Proxy ARP is used
when you want one interface to respond to address resolution requests for a
number of IP addresses.

I admit that they are very similar and I am beginning to confuse myself, but
I believe that the difference lies in how the external world sees (routes to)
the machines behind the gateway machine.

Umm, get the NAG (network admin guide) from sunsite. There is also a Proxy

Jeff Ebert

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