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Re: Can metamail be disabled in elm?

Zachary DeAquila:
   > Ah! A good example of what I meant in an earlier post about
   > compile-time vs. configure-time options and how some way to
   > handle this is needed.

Carl V Streeter:
   Agreed, but there is quite a bit of work involved in some packages.
   Some need -D options to cc to configure things.  Some have a
   configure script.  You never know what you're getting into.

How about, for the specific case of elm, putting out a package which
requires gcc, etc. and from postinst invoke a program designed to
configure for compilation which then spawns some processes to build
and install the thing.

Since I don't think dpkg has a file registration mechanism ready, it
would probably also be a good idea to include vanilla executables
(which might fit the needs of people who only install elm so they can
use frm).


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