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cross compilation,assembly

Hello all,

Does anyone know if gcc was compiled with "mips" cross compiler support?
What about as?  I'm guessing I'm going to have to grab the source for
binutils if not, right?

The reason I'm asking is because I'm taking a class that is using the 
Nachos operating system.  The simulated OS run MIPS binaries.  I'm thinking
of making Nachos a Debian package when the semester is over.  This leads to 
my next question:

How would I package Nachos?  Making seperate binary and source packages would
seem kind of silly, because it's not really a system tool or application.  It
would need to have it's own seperate directory tree, PLUS the package could
not be distributed fully functional because it would not make a very good 
project then would it? |-)  The package would then essentially be 
a minimally functional simulated OS geared specifically for the student wanting
to get rolling on the project quickly.

Any suggestions on this would be great.


Troy (tkelley@ecn.purdue.edu)

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