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Re: cross compilation,assembly

It can be done, tho the development time may currently be excessive.

What happened to the project to make gcc output an Architecture Neutral
Distribution Format?  Was it bailed on for "guile"?

If such a thing were wired into a kernel, or hooked up with #!
appropriately, and were turned on with a flag to gcc...  it might drop
in pretty nearly transparently.

(Obviously, it would be beneficial to be able to translate such
intermediate codes to native language, with optimization, as well as
interpreting it)

Ian Jackson wrote:
> Carl V. Streeter writes ("Re: cross compilation,assembly"):
> ...
> > It would be neat to be able to generate a binary package for all
> > processor targets of debian at once.  That would get rid of the current
> > lag in non-hardware-specific packages for eg. the debian-m68k port.
> It would be nice, but it can't be done.  Our packages don't
> cross-compile - well, some do, but we don't require them to and can't
> do so because the upstream package may well not support it.
> Ian.

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