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>>>>> "C" == C J Lawson <C.J.Lawson@cranfield.ac.uk> writes:

    C> Hi, I require some very basic help. I would like to complie
    C> gohstscript for my machine (I need to read ps files I am
    C> creating). Well the trouble is that I am just running linux w/o
    C> X-Win. I have looked on the net and the only gs progs that I
    C> can find require X... I even tried to compile 262 on a Dec
    C> first but the thing wouldn't even start up let alone run....
    C> Does anyone have any ideas? They would be much appreciated....

    C> Thanks for your trouble

    C> Jonathan Lawson

 I know for certain that Slackware has two different gs packages in
their distribution.  If you're running an ELF system, you can get the
binaries from a Sunsite mirror...  You can find it in the ap1
directory as ghostscr.tgz.  There is a source directory too, if you
want to compile your own.  Probably there are configure options to get
it to compile with or without an X11 device.

 It seems to me that ghostscript will work with many devices as is
though...  It should have VGA, and several printers builtin; I don't
think it requires X11.  Try typing  gs -h  and  man gs  to find all
that out for yourself.

<karlheg@teleport.com> Portland, Oregon, USA
   Linux 1.2.13 ELF                         

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