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Re: Color-ls package nearly ready for release, but I need...


>>"Syrus" == Syrus Nemat-Nasser <syrus@ucsd.edu> writes:
Syrus> (1) Can someone give me the proper syntax for making a symolic link
Syrus> for a command with options:  specifically, i need to link the
Syrus> expression vdir to 'ls -li' because the color-ls patch consolidates
Syrus> dir, vdir, and ls into one binary.  I tried ln -s 'ls -li' vdir,
Syrus> but did not get the desired effect.

	Ummm, I think you will have to make vdir be a simple shell
 script that calls ls with the proper options.  There is no way for a
 sym link to specify options. 

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