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GCC crash


Perhaps this doesn't belong here, but I start here and see where you think I 
should mail this.

Has anybody tried to compile rayshade, which is a ray-tracing program?
I have. gcc crashes while compiling a file called transform.c.
The version is 2.6.3, straight from debian 0.93R6.

This is how gcc is invoked: 
gcc -I../.. -O -c transform.c

I know that it has something to do with the -O flag, because if I try 
"gcc -I../.. -c transform.c", it compiles fine.

By removing more and more I found what function in the source file that makes 
gcc go BOOM. This is the result. Can anybody else try this? The source code is 
For the record I can add that it compiles fine under SUNOS 4.1.3 and SUNOS 5.4,
Solaris with the 2.6.3 version.

I've tried to run xxgdb on gcc, whereupon I noticed:

1. gcc is compiled without -g. 

Ok, I can live with that. I took home sources of gcc and compiled and cross-
compiled with -g. Impressing size of resulting executables, I must say.

2. gcc forks soon.

What do I do now? How do run xxgdb on the child, or is it the child I'm 
debugging after the fork? I don't think so.

3. libc or whatever the library containg malloc's code is is compiled with -g.

Why? I don't mind, this means I don't have to recompile the libraries; just 
curious. (Actually I had already taken home the code for that, because I though
I would have to recompile them to get the -g flag, so I mind a little.)

gcc compiled with -g -> full hard disk, 


---------- File gcc_crashes.c starts. --------------------
Compile with "gcc -I../.. -O -c gcc_crashes.c".

typedef double Float;

typedef struct Vector {
	Float x, y, z;			/* 3D point */
} Vector;

 * Transformation 'matrix'.
typedef struct RSMatrix {
	Float matrix[3][3];		/* Rotation matrix */
	Vector translate;		/* Translation */
} RSMatrix;

 * 'c1x' is the X (0th) component of the first column, and so on.
ArbitraryMatrix(c1x, c2x, c3x, c1y, c2y, c3y, c1z, c2z, c3z, tx, ty, tz, trans)
Float c1x, c1y, c1z, c2x, c2y, c2z, c3x, c3y, c3z, tx, ty, tz;
RSMatrix *trans;
	trans->matrix[0][0] = c1x;
	trans->matrix[1][0] = c1y;
	trans->matrix[2][0] = c1z;

	trans->matrix[0][1] = c2x;
	trans->matrix[1][1] = c2y;
	trans->matrix[2][1] = c2z;

	trans->matrix[0][2] = c3x;
	trans->matrix[1][2] = c3y;
	trans->matrix[2][2] = c3z;

	trans->translate.x = tx;
	trans->translate.y = ty;
	trans->translate.z = tz;

---------- File gcc_crashes.c ends. --------------------

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