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Re: Ctrl-Alt-Del problem

>> Normally when the system reboots, is says something like "Sending processes
>> TERM signal" and "Sending processes KILL signal" and then something about "cron
>> stopped" and goes on going down. But when this phenomenon appears, the message
>> about "Sending processes KILL signal" is the last thing displayed and then the 
>> system doesn't do anything. I have to push the reset button (Ouch!).

>If I'm not mistaken, it is a much better to reboot your system using the
>reboot and/or shutdown commands.  I seem to remember someone saying not to
>use Ctrl-Alt-Del.  shutdown -h should put your machine in a halted state
>for powerdown.  You have to be root to use these commands.
I have experienced similar problems.  I should be able to do a

"shutdown -r now", 

but, more often than not, it will hang as described
above.  However,

"shutdown -h now" 

seems to always work.  This is somewhat of a problem since I must hit
reset for my dual-boot system to bring up Windoze-95.

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