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Re: lockfile cleanup

In article <[🔎] m0tsWmh-000153C@zachs.place.org>,
Zachary DeAquila  <zachary@zachs.place.org> wrote:
>My Debian 0.93 system doesnt seem to clean up lockfiles at boot or shutdown
>time, which it should... for instance... if I run kermit or something under X,
>then do a system shutdown, then reboot, and try and run kermit again, somtimes
>it stays locked (if a process with the same pid as is in the lockfile is running.
>I think the solution to this is to clean out the /var/lock directory on bootup
>or shutdown... but which?

I've noticed that as well. If you want to change this, add it to
/etc/init.d/boot. I have changed it in the latest version of sysvinit,
but that is ment for the unstable tree as it is ELF. You could get the
source and create an a.out package yourself, though.

This is sysvinit-2.59, te be released this weekend. It should appear
on the ftp servers in unstable/source/base sometime next week.

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