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Re: /etc/rc.local not used?

Maybe it shouldn't be used at all, but could contain a brief description
of how to use the SysV structure (or reference to a manual page).

I'd rather see it not exist at all, but for people who can't get over
BSD, the comment might help.

Peter Tobias wrote:
> eckes wrote:
> > > I'd like some feedback on this issue.
> >
> > I like the SYSV init.d style very much. I don't think we should give the
> > user a hook to fall back to the old ugly BSD style. The file should be
> > removed completely.
> No, especially for people who don't now the SYSV init style it's an
> easy way to start a program. Maybe we should add short notice to this
> file that it is better to use the /etc/init.d files and maybe a short
> example how to use update-rc.d.
> Peter
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