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Re: xconsole messages

>>>>> "eckes" == eckes  <ecki@lina.inka.de> writes:

    eckes> /dev/console is the right place to put console messages
    eckes> to. Unfortunately it is not possible to get rid of messages
    eckes> to the foreground console if u dont use X. It's easy to
    eckes> change this in the kernel, that u can redirect console
    eckes> messages to /dev/tty8 or xconsole, depending if X is
    eckes> running or not. If you run X-only systems /dev/console is
    eckes> OK. You dont have the 'not listening and not logging'
    eckes> problem with a special file.

 I've noticed that /dev/console is always tty1, so I never log onto
that console.  I leave it for messages on the rare occasions I'm not
using X, and login on one of the other vtty's.

 When I'm ready for it, I will begin to study the kernel code, and
will find what you're talking about.  Right now I need to concentrate
on my classes, I have a very full schedule.  I think I start C next
winter term or so, along with digital electronics and all that...  The
kernel will be more comprehensible with some knowledge background.

<karlheg@teleport.com> Portland, Oregon, USA
   Linux 1.2.13 ELF                         

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