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Remarks on installation of ?beta 1.1

I have a few remarks after having enjoyed the use of a new Debian ?1.1
installation for a few days.  

1.  The most serious problem I had immediately after installatoin was
a problem with ls: after a few minutes, the file names woujld slur
together without spaces.  Typing "reset" fixed it for a while.  After
I installed my custom kernel from my previous (Slackware)
installation, 1.3.45, this problem has not returned.  I assumed it to
be kernel related, but I don't know.

2. When I tried to access files on another partition, I found that the
permission s and whatever were fouled up, apparently since Debian
did not assign a group to the new user.  I assigned a group, but in
some instances, it has still been necessary to tweak the permissions
of whole directory trees.  I have no doubt that Debian's is the more
reasoned system, but it was a (slight) annoyance.

3.  All man pages have upside-down question marks in place of hyphens.

  (Incidentally, debian's man won't deal with compressed man pages
from Slackware, I think.  I truly can't understand why it would be an
advantage  to standardize to monolithically on uncompressed man pages.
On my system (160MB total devoted to Linux, somewhat liberal by
standards of my previous installations), it would mean a considerable
and meaningful savings of space).

4.  Either emacs-19.30-1 or info did a number on the file
/usr/info/dir, so that only three files were accessable by either info
or emacs info.  It was a minor but annoying problem that took a few
minutes to figure out.  Is install-info to blame?

5.  What is the standard filesystem for emacs?  

6. Running "symlink /*" gives the following message (among others):

	messy: /usr/spool -> /var/spool/

7.  POSSIBLE HERESY?: Certain problems might be resolved if packages
actually looked for libraries when checking dependencies.  (This would
have even made it possible to install certain packages on a slackware
system using dpkg---double heresy?

Alan Davis

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