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Re: Rxvt and resources

Andrew Howell (andrew@toaster.it.com.au) wrote on 8 March 1996 13:30:
 >> I already said that rxvt should not be suid root, but the maintainer
 >> claims it should be like xterm. I agree it should be like xterm, ie.
 >> both should not be suid root. This is a bug in X11, and I think debian
 >> should correct it.
 >I agree this is a good idea and I'll change rxvt if there is a consensis
 >and we have a actual group, should we use the tty group or make a new one?

As far as I know tty is fine, but I don't have a preference.

 >It's not just a X problem though, how many other programs out there deal with
 >utmp and wtmp?

If we change this we'll see what other programs break, and we can
change them as well.


PS: I'm sending this to debian-user because I'm not in debian-devel

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