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Re: svgalib (restorefont) permissions

>> You can say
>> 	chmod u+s /usr/bin/restorefont
>> and this will allow it to be run by any member of the console group.

Nope, it won't do any such thing.

>> >-rwsr-x---   1 root     console      8196 Jan  7 14:58 /usr/bin/restoretextmode

The permissions are *already* correct for that -- they say that it
runs *as* root, but that both root and group-console users can read or
execute it, and root can write to it.

Presumably (I could be wrong) the intent is to either only let users
who are permitted to muck with the console to run it; a more clever
approach would be for login to know which tty's are actually
physically on the console, and have it add that group to your
grouplist for the session [of course, that would permit you to create
a setgid file that permitted you to get the access back anytime you
wanted it, so the former is more likely.]

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