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Re: Integrating local changes

At 04:20 1996-03-01, Guy Maor wrote:
>Let's say you want to replace the standard login from miscutils with
>your own that uses skey.
>1. Make a package called skeylogin.deb with your login program.
>2. Install it.
>3. Set up a diversion so new versions of miscutils install login to
>   plainlogin.
>Now you can freely upgrade miscutils and skeylogin.  dpkg rocks!

Won't work.  dpkg-diversions.txt says:

    No package should contain a file whose name is the diverted name of
    another file; dpkg will spot this and balk if such a package is
    installed when the diversion is in place, or if a diversion is set up
    which involves overwriting an existing file whether managed by dpkg
    or not (this latter check only happens if dpkg-divert is given the
    --rename option which makes it actually rename any copy of the file
    found in the filesystem).

The idea is not have any "loose" files on the system; I want everything to
be configuration-controlled except for variable files (/home and /var).

Shields, CrossLink.

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