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Re: Color-ls package

On Fri, 15 Mar 1996 Dirk.Eddelbuettel@qed.econ.queensu.ca wrote:

>   Syrus Nemat-Nasser writes:
>   Syrus>  Thanks everyone for your prompt replies.  I will add the DIR_COLORS
>   Syrus> file to my package this evening.  As it now stands, the package will
>   Syrus> require the user to install the 'eval dircolors' command in the
>   Syrus> appropriate place in there .login or .profile or whatever (I use
>   Syrus> tcsh).  
> I recommend that you look at the xterm-color package. It uses a mechanism now
> offered by dpkg to replace the xterm from xbase in a smart way. IMHO you
> should do the same with /bin/ls, /usr/man/man1/ls.1 and simply add
> /usr/bin/dircolors, /usr/man/man1/dircolors as they are.
>   Syrus> Where can I place a color-ls.README file to assist a user in setting
>   Syrus> up the package? 
> How about /usr/doc/color-ls? Are you aware of the Debian package guidelines?
> Available on your debian mirror in /debian/doc/package-developer, in the
> doc-debian package and shipped with versions of dpkg.

I've read them, but not recently.  This is my first package, and that was a
thought that just came to me.  Anyway, I will make sure my package conforms to
the Guidelines prior to release.

> Well, now that it is not what you told us earlier. You first spoke about a
> color-ls package --- which, at least in my understanding, would involve two
> small binaries, two manpages and maybe some doc in a README and a sample

Yes, at present, I was installing the whole thing to get everything working,
but I could create a standalone package called color-ls which will replace
ls, and add dircolors and DIR_COLORS and the man pages.  However, do you
want me to leave the dir and vdir binaries untouched?  They would not support
color in that case.  I'm sure I could taylor this to try to meet everyone's
individual wishes, but my plan was to provide a whole fileutils package with
color support as the first iteration.

> Nuking fileutils seems like a Bad Idea(TM) to me. What we could do is to
> include the color-ls patch directly into the geniune fileutils package.

That's exactly what I have done.  I used the "genuine" debian 0.93R6 package
fileutils-3.12-2 and patched it.  Sorry if that was not clear.  I haven't
Nuked fileutils, and BTW, the debian package only added the control files.
Nothing in the GNU fileutils was changed.

> Those
> who hate color-ls simple don't use
> 	eval 'dircolors'
> in their /etc/profile or .profile, those who like it do. Choice to the user.
> Did you talk to the fileutils mainrainer at all?

Yes thankyou, and he intends to do just that in the 1.1 release.  The present
version of color-ls patched fileutils is not inefficient, and the default
uses no color unless you run dircolors.

Is it such a big deal to upgrade the whole fileutils?  It's not a big binary.


Syrus Nemat-Nasser <syrus@ucsd.edu>    UCSD Physics Dept.

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