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A question prompted by HELP!!! - Problems with my root


> Hello,
> I am experiencing problems with my root partition. I am able to read and 
> execute any program as long as it doesn't write anything to it.
> I am using a ext2 filesystem. I tried to force a check but it comes out clean.
> As I am unable to write anything, I can't change anything in the config files.
> Anyone has any idea? I would not want to have to delete, format and reinstall
> everything if I can avoid it.
> Thanks in advance!
> Luis.

Some suggestions already presented: 
Is the file system mounted read-only?
Is any space left on the partition?

This last question makes me wonder about another potential problem.

How does the system handle this scenario:
Suppose you have / and /usr on different partitions.
Before the system mount the usr partition it creates some files under the 
directory /usr, and then mounts the usr partition on /usr. 
I read in a HOWTO, I think, that you are not able to get to the files that was
created under /usr before you mounted the usr partition. Too bad but makes 

But do these files add to the sum that df show? 
Depending on the answer to that question, is there any other commands that 
might have the wrong idea of space or number of files on a partition.



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