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Re: A CD player for my...

(Karl, I've removed the CC to you because your mail bounces.)

Karl M. Hegbloom writes ("Re: A CD player for my..."):
> >>>>> "Ian" == Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk> writes:
>     Ian> I think the problem is that your drive doesn't support
>     Ian> SCSI-II, which has the standard command set for playing
>     Ian> audio.
>  Is that my drive, or the controller card?  The drive is controlled by
> a Pro Audio Studio sound card with SCSI.  Will a SCSI-II drive work
> with my present controller, or would I need to upgrade both?

I think you should just need to upgrade the drive, if you want to do
it that way - but try getting your existing drive to work first, it
probably just needs some funny commands sending to it.


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