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Re: Integrating local changes

Guy Maor writes ("Re: Integrating local changes"):
> On Thu, 29 Feb 1996, Michael Shields wrote:
> > Of course I will, but there are at least two cases where I'd want to
> > override a standard package with a local one:
> > ...
> > Apparently to replace a single file I can "redirect" the old one, but this
> > means that the replacement cannot be under dpkg control.

Yes, it can be.  See the example in the file.

> From the file /debian/doc/package-developer/dpkg-disappear-replace.txt
>   1. When a package is installed, and contains files that are already
>   marked as belonging to some other package, the older package will have
>   the files that have been overwritten removed from its file list.

No, do not use this mechanism.  This is something quite different.

> Let's say you want to replace the standard login from miscutils with
> your own that uses skey.
> 1. Make a package called skeylogin.deb with your login program.
> 2. Install it.
> 3. Set up a diversion so new versions of miscutils install login to
>    plainlogin.
> Now you can freely upgrade miscutils and skeylogin.  dpkg rocks!

You need to use the --package option dpkg-divert, not the
disappear-replace feature.


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