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newbie problem


I am running (and loving) debian 0.93R6 on two computers, a Dell 486-100
at home and a Micron 100P at work. At home I have a slip connection and at
work an ethernet connection. I have no problems whatever at home. At work
is another story. The Micron crashes regularly (2-3 times each day) with
no apparent pattern --- different applications and sometimes when I'm not
even in the office.  The symptoms are always the same: a frozen screen
(even the clock doesn't advance) and a frozen keyboard and mouse. I have
to push reset to get started again. The only common denominator is that
since I'm always running XF86, all the problems show up inside XF86.  I
have run diagnostics on the computer itself and no problems show up. I
have a few crontab entries but removing them one by one doesn't help. I've
no doubt that this is some dumb configuration mistake on my part but I
don't know how to find the source of the problem. Is there anything I do
to track down the problem? 

Many thanks for any suggestions,
Daniel A. Graham        Professor of Economics      
dag@econ.duke.edu       Duke University
919 660-1802            Durham NC 27708-0097


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