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Re: Loading debian

On Tue, 19 Mar 1996 brand@nando.net wrote:

> Sorry for the newbie question, (standard disclaimer)

No problem! (standard response)
> but I just received a CD with the debian source on it.  I was reading the documentation,

This is VERY important...What version of debian is on this CD? The 
version number is very important before installation information can be 

> using my dos reader, and it stated that I should have the CD and 3 (?) boot diskettes
> in front of me.  So how do I get/create these boot diskettes?
Images for these diskettes are on the CD. Refer to above before using them.

> Also, I currently have my machine configured for DOS.  I have 1 300 meg partition for
> DOS and the rest of the 1.6 is unpartitioned, waiting for DEBIAN.  The documentation said
> I have to backup disk and load Debian and then DOS.  This is true? :(
No it is not true. Having a DOS boot partition is no problem. I use 
loadlin (a dos exe for booting the linux kernel) from /dev/hda1 (a dos 
bootable partition) with my root partition on /dev/hda2 (I also have a 
"sometimes" root partition on /dev/hdb1). You will need to be careful of 
the choices you make during installation but you should feel confident 
that you can add linux to your existing dos system with no damage. Be 
aware that many things unrelated to your knowledge or the prefection (or 
lack thereof) of the installation software can leave you with no 
operating system at all. So please back up all important portions of your 
dos installation before you begin any installation :-)
Before you begin the installation we really need to discuss item one in 
this discussion. Feel free to e-mail me direct, or, if you feel others 
might benefit, we can keep the discussion here on the list. Your choice.

Your Humble Servant,


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