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Re: Mosaic on Linux

Well, I'm running the 2.6 version (haven't tried out 2.7b3 yet, though I 
understand they finally have it working w/Linux), and I only have 8 megs 
of RAM, and about 16 megs of swap. I'm not sure which windows version you 
mean, but I think it's much faster than the version I was using way 
back when I used windows, the final beta... 2.something... much faster 
w/Linux. I think you might wanna check out 2.7b3... though I think it may 
be ELF, you can always get the source.

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On Sun, 10 Mar 1996, ' ALLAN W. BART wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to hear from thjose who are using this product on Linux, is 
> it faster tyhan the windows version, enhancements, problems. Just the 
> stuff that I need to justify bringing it up under Linux- oh yes how much 
> ram will I need to make it really run.
> regards,
> allan

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