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Re: seyon

On Wed, 20 Mar 1996 tomk@westgac3.dragon.com wrote:

> Talk about a sorry program. This program seems hell bent on
> running only at 9600 BPS, I've tried setting it to 57600. I've
> set the phonelist entries to 57600, but no good! Furthermore,
> setting .Xresources doesn't appear to do any good. I have call
> waiting and wish to have *70,ATDT as a prefix. I rebooted several
> times, but it looks like "seyon" ignores it. I'm using 0.93R6
> release!

This from my Seyon:

   Receiving: dos2unix.zip
   Bytes received:   22520/  22520:    1582 Bytes per sec 
   Transfer complete.

Straight out of the box...
(Phonelist entry 38400, modem 14K4)

 #  sbolt@xs4all.nl  #   Steven Bolt   #  popular science monthly KIJK  #

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