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smarthost questions

I have been given the job of connecting a Novell LAN to the Internet 
and intend using a Linux box.  The question is whether I use 
Slackware or Debian?

My Unix skills are very basic so I either use Slackware and copy the 
config files from another box to which I have access, or I use 
something that will virually configure itself.  Will Debian set it up 
for the intended role?

I plan on running Mercury on the servers to give users transparent 
access to mail, so I want the smarthost to deliver mail to Mercury 
via MX records and to process outbound mail via smtp.

Another problem is that I have no idea of run levels or how the thing 
initialises itself, so I will need help in getting it to dial on boot 
and redial when necessary.  Better still, point me to some info on 
booting and editing rc.*

I run Debian at home but mail is broken since I installed mh, 
so I lack a certain amount of confidence here!

Any help much appreciated.

Lindsay J Allen,  CNE.
Perth College: +061 9 272 1222
Email:  Lindsay Allen <allen@cleo.murdoch.edu.au>
Home:   +061 9 316 2486    VK6LJ
Looking for part time or contract work in Novell/tcpip

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