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Re: /etc/rc.local not used?

In article <[🔎] 199603090226.TAA03773@galileo.cuug.ab.ca>,
Scott Barker  <scott@galileo.cuug.ab.ca> wrote:
>Is there a reason that debian-0.93R6 is not set up to source /etc/rc.local at
>boot time? I realize it's easy enough to add to the init procedure, but I
>was wondering why it's included, and not used.

It's a left over from the old bsd-like boot procedure.
Some people have asked me to re-instate it, but I'd
like some input on when it should be executed. Should
it be executed after the /etc/init.d/boot script, or
as the last step before going multiuser? It depends
on your setup, I think. It's easy enough to add a
call to the /etc/init.d/boot script, or to insert
an extra /etc/init.d/rclocal script that calls it,
but then again, why not put your stuff directly there
instead of in the /etc/rc.local file?

I'd like some feedback on this issue.

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