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lockfile cleanup

My Debian 0.93 system doesnt seem to clean up lockfiles at boot or shutdown
time, which it should... for instance... if I run kermit or something under X,
then do a system shutdown, then reboot, and try and run kermit again, somtimes
it stays locked (if a process with the same pid as is in the lockfile is running.
I think the solution to this is to clean out the /var/lock directory on bootup
or shutdown... but which?

Also, I got a 7cd jukebox that works with the 'cdrom with multiple lun' option.
To make mounting the disks easier, I put an entry in my /etc/fstab (so I
can just 'mount /cdrom/1' instead of having to 'mount -rt iso9660 /dev/scd0 /cdrom/1'
I included the noauto parameter in the correct column, but it still tries
to mount them on bootup!  Any ideas?


(PS: In case you're wondering, the reason I boot/shutdown so often is because
I'm running debian on my laptop.  Works quite well.)

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