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Printer problems

This is my first time to set up a printer in Linux. I have the printer
daemon running and files can be printed with lpr. The printer at present
is a Tandy dot matrix that is working in the ibm compatible mode. I have
put a filter in place for the stair step effect on the printer but I am
unsure what to put in the filter and it is not having the desired
effect. If someone knows what I need in this filter or another way about
this it would be appreciated.

the second problem is getting my Sun workstation to pass files to print
to the Linux machine. I have defined a remote printer for the sun and
the files appear to go to the Linux machine but are not printed. I have
copied my /etc/hosts file to /etc/hosts.equiv and /etc/hosts/lpd if that
is all that is needed to enable network printing I will work on it from
the Sun machines end.

Thank you for your patience with this newbie question.

Ron Mathis

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