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Re: HELP!!! - Problems with my root partition

Two possibilities spring to mind.

1. You've managed to mount the root filesystem read-only.  As root, do

	touch /testfile

and see what error message you get.  RTFM mount(8) to see how to
remount it read-write, and check /etc/fstab to see how it mounts it at
boot time.

2. You've broken the permissions on every file on the filesystem
somehow.  You should be able to see this just with `ls -l'.  This
strikes me as unlikely, however l-)

Luis Francisco Gonzalez Hernandez writes:
>I am experiencing problems with my root partition. I am able to read and 
>execute any program as long as it doesn't write anything to it.
>I am using a ext2 filesystem. I tried to force a check but it comes out clean.
>As I am unable to write anything, I can't change anything in the config files.
>Anyone has any idea? I would not want to have to delete, format and reinstall
>everything if I can avoid it.
>Thanks in advance!

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